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how to choose a toilet? This question certainly thought everyone who has ever made repairs in the bathroom. It is traditionally believed that the toilet should be comfortable, easy to clean and suitable for the growth of all members of the family. But today the problem of choosing a worthy option is complicated by the wide range of models represented in the sale. Constantly there are new collections of a variety of toilet seats, which differ from each other not only stylish design but also the technical characteristics. In such circumstances, a simple buyer who does not know all the details, it is easy to get lost. And according to statistics, the number of years a person spends his life on the toilet, so it must comply with all required quality parameters. In this article we will try to understand what is necessary to pay attention when choosing a toilet and how not to get lost in a huge range!

kohler santa rosa

On the Ukrainian market there is a huge variety of sanitary ware brands, mainly representing the products in three price categories: economy, middle and elite class.

The average price segment — a product that comes from Finland (IDO), Poland (Cersanit, Kolo), Czech Republic (Jika). The cost of production is $ 500.

Well, of course, the elite plumbing! This market presents toilets such famous brands like: Ideal Standard, Villeroy & Boch, Duravit (Germany), Laufen (Austria) and many others. Luxury segment (from $ 500..1000 to infinity) offers high samples toilets unique design, involving the creation of the world-famous authors. For example, in the creation of collections for Duravit participated Norman Foster and Philippe Starck. In addition, elite plumbing — is not only the exclusive design, but also the functionality, reliability and durability.

And these price groups there are many attractive designs both in design and in terms of functionality and quality.

toto ultramax


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